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Joy 1.9 Joy 1.9"

Joy looks as a realistic imitation with different insect larva characteristics. This volume bait silhouette most closely resembles stoneflies larva, and may be associated with some dragonfly’s larva.

Turbo fry 1.8 Turbo fry 1.8"

This bait is very original grub. It is equipped with tail of maximum width for this bend radius. This concept provides powerful, low-frequency action, uncharacteristic for small bait.

Minnow 1.8 Minnow 1.8"

Elongated, fusiform shad, which is a realistic imitation of fry with mouth, eyes, gill covers etc. The main feature of bait is thin and light tail peduncle with small and light tail paddle.

Star 1.6 Star 1.6"

Very interesting passive bait in form of chain with interconnected balls. The larger balls are located in the middle, and the smallest balls are located on the right and left side. Balls are equipped with thin legs (6 pieces each).

Slip 1.6 Slip 1.6"

Small worm with wide and flat lance-shaped tail. Tail is not active element, but due to this tail bait has very noticeable swinging when jerking, twitching or rocking, despite of its small size.

Rocky 2 Rocky 2"

This shad has very unusual shape. Body is flattened in horizontal plane and has short transition to almost cylindrical cross-sectional tail peduncle. Small-sized tail paddle can be activated only at high-speed passing.

Sfish 2 Sfish 2"

Sculpin imitation is very realistic. Its width is much greater than height, whereby bait is perfectly fixed on double hook. Sfish 2" is a shad with small tail paddle.

Real 2 Real 2"

Small worm imitation. Bait is completely passive with no active elements. However, it is very mobile in water in case of correct animation. The thinnest tail tip is the most movable.

Tech 1.5 Tech 1.5"

Very efficient passive bait. Body looks like a grub body (massive and checkered). It well keeps hooks of different types, and small jig-heads.

Nimfa 1 Nimfa 1"

Compound bait has a great visual volume due to numerous moving parts. In fact, this bait is passive, but moves active if animation is correct.

Neeble 2.2 Neeble 2.2"

Worm imitation is traditional passive bait. In skilled hands this worm is wonderful. Neeble 2.2 " can be used for predatory and non-predatory fish catching. This worm is most attracted for perch.

Flash worm 2 Flash worm 2"

This bait simulates worm and has specific elongated skittle shape. It is a bestseller for passive perch fishing, especially in small rivers and lakes.

Bubring worm 2.6 Bubring worm 2.6"

Passive bait consisting of three express parts. Front body is massive with not deep grooves. It holds, single and double hooks as well as jig-heads of various shapes and design.

Shested 2.6 Shested 2.6"

Elongated fusiform shad with special notches on body top and bottom for optimization of offset hook application. It’s acnion is sweeping and high-frequency. This shad is able to start when sufficiently slow passing.

Fantasy 2 Fantasy 2"

Exceptionally effective bait. It is elongated worm with curly tail and legs on sides. It works great at different types of jig animation, the tail moves well at normal speed or uniform passing.

Beaver 2.8 Beaver 2.8"

Typical slug with body of highly elongated and slightly flattened shape. There are two thin tips at tail top designed to increase bait mobility during animation. Slug has no own active elements.

Angry 3.6 Angry 3.6"

This shad is universal jig bait. It has good aerodynamics, allows catching of different fish, both small and large sizes.

Alien 1.6 Alien 1.6"

This bait has many realistic elements such as legs, tail fibers and even semblance of tracheal gills. It is a collective image of insect larvae without exact simulation.

Shad Shad

Greatly elongated shad. Body is flattened at top, bottom. There are special grooves at the left and right side optimizing application of bait with offset hook. Due to large tail end and thin flattened caudal peduncle, shad starts to move even at very slow passing.

Swinger Swinger

For today, this shape of shad is classic. Such baits are used not only by sportsmen, but also by amateurs. Due to wide size range, this bait can be used for perch fishing, as well as pike and zander fishing.

Longer Longer

Incredibly flexible highly elongated shad. It has a light, sweeping action characterized by inconsistent, alive, pulsating rhythm. Tail paddle starts to move at the lowest speed passing.


Original bait as a realistic imitation of dragonfly larva.


Elongated bait as a realistic imitation of dragonfly larva. Sufficiently large size allows to catch not only perch, chub and ide, but also pike and zander.


The bait of quite unusual type and with the same unusual action. Due to its lateral lobes it is very mobile.


Imitation of crayfish of universal size. It works well when perch and zander/pike fishing.


Small imitation of crayfish. Extremely efficient bait that is often more effective than other baits.

Rat 3 Rat 3"

So-called "Rat Tail". It is the most flexible and mobile passive bait of Azura models. It attracts fish of different sizes.

Power grub 2.6 Power grub 2.6"

Worm with curly tail is one of the most common worldwide jig baits. It can be used for catching game fish with various animation and different rigs – Texas, Caroline and many others.