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Beaver 2.8"

Typical slug with body of highly elongated and slightly flattened shape.

There are two thin tips at tail top designed to increase bait mobility during animation. Slug has no own active elements. Bottom and top body parts are equipped with grooves for optimization of offset hook using. It is very good bait for drop shot rig. It can be also used in other rigs.

The bait is quite tough and is opposite to soft, wriggling baits, having completely different behavior in water.

expert series light game
Item# Name Size Salt Color Quantity in packaging
BR70-˟˟˟ AZURA Beaver 2.8” 7 cm SALT ORC, CL, GFMW, GRNP, SFMW, SHS, UVMO, UVP, WTN 10 pcs
9 Colors