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Flash worm 2"

This bait simulates worm and has specific elongated skittle shape.

It is a bestseller for passive perch fishing, especially in small rivers and lakes. It can be used also in big rivers, but large baits are more effective there. Varying animation and duration of pauses, Flash Worm ensures to catch of non-active perch. Like all such baits Flash Worm has magnificent aerodynamics.

Even with jig head weighing 2 g this bait flies at decent distance, more than with the smallest grub with curly tail.

expert series light game
Item# Name Size Salt Color Quantity in packaging
FWM50-˟˟˟ AZURA Flash Worm 2” 5 cm NO SALT CL, GRN, SHS, UVMO, UVP, WTN 12 pcs
6 Colors