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Neeble 2.2"

Worm imitation is traditional passive bait. In skilled hands this worm is wonderful. Neeble 2.2 " can be used for predatory and non-predatory fish catching. The bait is most attractive for perch. This worm is the excellent bait for non-active perch in small closed water reservoirs, mainly with still water. It is a bait for the places were perch is always most passive.

Needle makes perch more active and ensures a lot of bites.

expert series light game
Item# Name Size Salt Color Quantity in packaging
NL55-˟˟˟ AZURA Neeble 2.2” 5.5 cm NO SALT CL, GRNP, OR, SHS, UVMO, UVP, WTN 12 pcs
7 Colors