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Nimfa 1"

Compound bait has a great visual volume due to numerous moving parts.

In fact, this bait is passive, but moves active if animation is correct. Long bent antennae are also very movable. Nimfa is good for different fishes catching. It is hard to say exactly what it imitates, but it can be considered as crayfish imitation. Moreover, it is one of the smallest imitations of crayfish among all baits, presented in our market. There is sense to use this bait for all jig anglers.

This bait is grate for perch fishing, often it catches large ones.

expert series light game
Item# Name Size Salt Color Quantity in packaging
NF25-˟˟˟ AZURA Nimfa 1”” 2.5 cm NO SALT GS, OV, OR, PK, SHS, UVMO, WTN 9 pcs
8 Colors