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Rocky 2"

This shad has very unusual shape.

Body is flattened in horizontal plane and has short transition to almost cylindrical cross-sectional tail peduncle. Small-sized tail paddle can be activated only at high-speed passing. So the bait is active only during jerking and fast passing. When the shad reaches the fast speed, it’s tail paddle starts to move actively. Swinging is high-frequent, rhythmic, powerful. Tail peduncle tremors are well transmitted to the body.

The bait is very attractive to fish. It can be used by combining the jerk passing and speed increasing and with other methods specific for passive bait animation.

expert series light game
Item# Name Size Salt Color Quantity in packaging
RY2-*** AZURA Rocky 2" 5 cm SALT ORC, CL, GFMW, GRNP, SFMW, SHS, UVMO, UVP, WTN 10 pcs
9 Colors