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Upscale front drag spinning reel according to all modern requirements.

Durable magnesium alloy body provides perfect mechanism centering and increases tackle sensitivity. Due to lightweight rotating components, such as carbon fiber rotor and handle, reel has very little mechanism inertia that increasing fishing comfort and makes irregular bait animation easy. Low-profile aluminum spool with carbon tube has conical winding surface and conical spool lip does the casts longer. Instant anti-reverse clutch, 2 ceramic and 7 steel ball bearings provide smooth rotation and durability of mechanism. Line roller of enlarged diameter with super hard coating, has a configuration that prevents fishing line twisting. Bright, modern, eye-catching design will touch everybody’s feelings.

expert series light game
Item # Series AZURA SAFINA Reduction Bearings Amount
Bobbin Capacity, mm/m
AZS2506 Reel AZURA SAFINA 2506 5.0:1 9+1 0.08/150 0.12/100