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Safina is a perfect tackle for true fishing enthusiasts! These rods with reference sensitivity ideal for light jig.

Kenshin is a universal soldier among the light power rods. These high sensitive rods are flexible and at the same time quite powerful.

If you see value in tackles accuracy, obedience and delicacy, Solius is for you! You can duly appreciate flexibility and sensitivity of these rods.

If you go fishing to unfamiliar place, and bait / method are unknown, you can use Kinetik! These original short length rods can adapt to any situation.

Fortran is the universal medium power rod so it can be the optimal choice for many anglers. Tough, lightweight and long cast rods of this series are perfect choice for complex technics of bait animation.

Raidon has a high sensitivity and is suitable for different baits, so any rod of this series is able to replace several specialized models.