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Fortran is universal medium power rod so it can be optimal choice for many anglers. Tough, lightweight and long-cast rods of this series are perfect for complex types of bait animation. More

Rods of this series can make you really wonder! Visually, rod is perceived as thin, soft and light power tackle, but when you take it in hand, it becomes clear that it is several times harder than you expected. Application of high modulus graphite and special technology of blank produce make such incredible hardness of such thin blank. Due to small diameter and thick wall, Fortran rod blanks withstand significant bend load and have high mechanical strength. When big fish playing, unlike many hard and fast rods, Fortran activates the whole blank, damping jerks of striked trophy. However, trophy should be really big for bend the rod butt.

Fortran has very high tactile sensitivity required during jig fishing. Top stiffness is enough for aggressive jerk animation of medium-sized minnows as well as animation of other baits with extensive drag, such as large spinners. Thus, these rods are ideal for universal boat fishing and coastal fishing in cases where ultra-light baits are not required.

finnes master series light
Item # Name Power Length Lure weight Action Sections number Guides Conveying Length Weight
AZFN642ML Spinning Rod AZURA FORTRAN 6'4" Medium Light 1.93 m 0.8-7 g Fast 2 Sections Fuji Alconite 100 cm 94 g
AZFN692MH Spinning Rod AZURA FORTRAN 6'9" Medium Heavy 2.06 m 3-12 g Fast 2 Sections Fuji Alconite 107 cm 102 g