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Raidon has a high sensitivity and is suitable for different baits, so any rod of this series is able to replace several specialized models. More

Raidon has a bright, memorable character. You won’t confuse them with anything else.

The main distinction of Raidon is blank. It has a well-marked taper, i.e. thick and powerful butt section and flexible and sensitive top.

Rod action is extra fast with ability to bend under low load (mainly the top)/ With increasing load included middle and butt.

Flexible top enables easy casting of light baits and fully controlled animation.

Butt has power reserve ensuring that forced large game fish playing is not an impossible task.

Good compromise was found to maximize reservation of hard, fast and short blank performance as well as to ensure easy transportation: joint is not in the middle, but closer to the butt end i.e. to the extent where it cannot worsen the rod action.

finnes master series light
Item # Name Power Length Lure weight Action Sections number Guides Conveying Length Weight
AZRDN65ML Spinning Rod AZURA RAIDON 6'5" Medium Light 1.95 m 0.8-7 g Extra Fast 2 Sections Fuji Alconite 132 cm 118 g
AZRDN69ML Spinning Rod AZURA RAIDON 6'9" Medium Light 2.06 m 0.8-7 g Extra Fast 2 Sections Fuji Alconite 132 cm 122 g
AZRDN71M Spinning Rod AZURA RAIDON 7'1" Medium 2.13 m 2-14 g Extra Fast 2 Sections Fuji Alconite 132 cm 128 g